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psy(ber) community rad top lists - help aupre be seen  cybergene  acid list - goatrance, psytrance, dark, cyberpunk  Psysurfeur Toplist - 100% Psytrance Download framed canvas art sales etc. Framed Canvas Art Prints for sale on Small Framed Prints &/or Accessories for sale on - The Hari Rama Framed Canvas Art Prints for sale on

psy art sites - Brian Exton Art - Psychedelic Art Pictures as Posters, Photos and Canvas Art
 Fluo Primitiv Art |
 Psy trance wear  UV-actif : maquillage fluorescent, tenture, laine fluo, peinture fluo, vétements
 Ektoplazm T-shirts from
 MorpheusStream - phantasmic hypermorphic art
 Trip Dealer | | | LSD Blotter Art - Chaos und Ordnung, Fraktale Kunst
 Visionary States - psychedelic posters for higher states ov consciousness
 aupre - gap art - géométrique abstrait psychédélique's Punk and Grunge Pages - art - psychedelic artwork & party fluo paintings/banners by antoine merger
 Shangrila Times - ezine - pre-release hypermorphic art & art ov the world
 FLURANET - Creatures From A Brighter Reality -
 phreakque - gallery - collection from
 fluoro paintings & psychonautic event design
 izwoz - world psychedelic/party art & uv banners/paintings
 deviantART: - where ART meets application
 TieDyeMan - Artist - Psychedelic
Gap Art


Shangrila Times


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art top lists - help aupre be seen  Top Art Links

art sites  Torvenius -
 UlorinVex - alt chic
 ALAN M CLARK, fine art, illustration, bizaro, horror and dark fiction - Freelance Sci-Fi artist and illustrator, Book cover illustration, Concept artist, Sci-Fi art, Space art, Surreal art, Colorful Abstract art, Fantasy art, Art prints and posters | The Art ov J.R.Slattum | Beyond Surreal: Psychonaut Artist | Art by Thomas Fedro
 Roneweb | RONE - artist |
 Art Ov The Mystic Otto Rapp Website
 William Wray | Painter - - Abstracts and Vivid Loose Color - Canvas Prints, Wall Art For Sale | 8"x10" Art Prints are Free
 Makatron - street art | the art & photography ov melyssa anishnabie - artspan - contemporary art :: Buy artwork directly from artist websites and our gallery
 [ JirkoArt ] - Erin Ashley Contemporary Artist
 Frank Walls Art - Artisté - on - great art works in various formats
 alex ruiz art - (aka tarrzan) - deviantart - rad art
 justinaerni on deviantART - wack dark rad
 Welcome to The Computer Graphics Society
 Wilhelm Steiner | Steinerei | Deaddreamer |
 Erowid Visionary Arts Vault | Helioland - Ducsai Zoltán festményei és rézkarcai | duc-sai art
 Candylust - New York Based specialising in Gothic, Beauty, Fetish, Pin Up & Band Photography
 Chelsea Rose Art Gallery - Art - Blog - Store - acrylic painter, pen & ink illustrator - surreal
 Shag - Art
 Ricardo Pollman - abstract art - cubist/surreal

art software sites  Ultra Fractal: Advanded Fractal Animation Software | 'public domain' & 'royalty free' explained | æon grade art/software explained (in copyable detail) & how to make abundant art from this art itself (aupre art comes from this formula)
 GIMP - image processing - can pull apart GIF :: re-time and re-arrange - can load programme on USB